Transitioning to a branded house, Gannett needed efficiency and unity between their national and local network of nearly 150 news brands. So we developed a simple, but robust 3-phase plan and helped them bring it to life.

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Impact assessment
Launch & rollout
Brand inventory
Conversion costing


Identity extension
Collateral development
Production services
Vendor onboarding


Implementation workshop
Brand training
Technical training
Design workshops

Brand Management

Brand Mgmt consulting
Brand Portal launch
Helpdesk operations

Early Days

By crafting an implementation plan, we helped our client understand the requirements and risks associated with a strategic brand change.

During the first two phases, we uncovered opportunities to course correct and realign the parent brand.

The Waves of Change

In phase 3, we launched the refreshed USA TODAY NETWORK brand in "waves." Each new wave contained a fixed number of priority markets to keep the brand team and vendors agile and able to meet deadlines.

Each new wave was also preceded by an info-gathering and on-boarding stage, where brand training and brand extension development both grew legs and helped markets start to "walk the walk" before they were public facing.

Russell, Andy and their team were just awesome. It’s the easiest word to describe how relentless IMP is when they set to task.

The amount of work they were able to complete and articulate under intense deadlines, with limited access to our organization due to confidentiality, was unbelievable. Do these guys ever sleep?

—VP of Brand & Creative Strategy